Saturday, November 26, 2011

While we are waiting

While we are waiting for the 1.0.0 bukkit build to come out I decided to share another client side plugin I found. It is called Optifine and it provides many speedups for minecraft, as well as provides native support for HD texture packs, no need for mod-loader. I was able to install in on my linux machine and it made many things faster. One of the main things I noticed was that lighting was updated much faster. Before when the time of day suddenly switched I would see the changes propagate out from where I was, even though the entire world changed. Now when the time of day changes the light changes are instant, very cool. If speed is a problem or you just want to see what happens when you can render more, then check out optifine.
- Asher

Friday, November 25, 2011

1.0.0 Bukkit server

The new 1.0.0 bukkit server has not yet been released. As a result I have not swapped the newly generated world into the main world. Once the new bukkit server is released, the other admins and I will start moving the overworld creations into the new world. After we are finished with that, the new plugins will begin to be added to the server, tuning the creative server into a survival server. But don't worry you will still be able to create things quite easily because you will be able to purchase blocks using the economy system. I am looking forward to how this turns out.
- Admin Asher

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


With the recent unknown server crash (which is running again). I would like to share with you one of the most amazing plugins that I have found so far. Though I have not tested it very much myself I hope that this plugin is able to be directly incorporated into minecraft itself once modding becomes standard. It is called Spout, with its partner client side plugin Spoutcraft. Spout allows you to mod even more about your server. The things it lets you mod are now increased to things that are rendered by the client computer. These things include item images, item names, menus, and more. It is quite an ingenious plugin and I hope to relay more information about how it works soon. The end result is that players who play on demeter who have the spoutcraft mod on the client will probably be able to do more things more easily then those who don't.
- Admin Asher

Monday, November 21, 2011

Server Crash

The server seems to have crashed, I am unsure what caused this and I will attempt to fix it when I return to the hardware in a couple hours. I will be focusing some more time on the server in the coming days.

Upgrading to 1.0

Our minecraft server runs off of the bukkit server software to implement mods. This usually means that the server upgrades are delayed. However, I have decided to begin testing out an unstable build of the bukkit minecraft server anyways. We will be starting with a mostly clean slate plugin wise. For the first few weeks world edit will still be available to everyone, the reason for this is so that people can move their cool things into a new 1.0 generated world. This coincides nicely with thanks giving break. If you are off campus and trying to access the server you can VPN into campus to access the server. I will also be adding a hamachi client eventually.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Upgrades to Non-Beta

The non-beta version of minecraft is coming out very soon (next weekend). Which means that we will be generating a new world soon. The old world will be saved and archived in but for all intensive purposes the world will be unaccessible. So we will be moving all the 'cool things' to the new generated world. This will hopefully happen weekend after next (26th and 27th) it all depends on weather bukkit releases a new version or not. After that there will be many changes to the underlying system of the server. The world will switch over to an economy server, it will still be easy to obtain items but you will not be able to [/i] them to yourself all the time unless is is freebee Friday. You will also be able to get items from killing mobs based on specific jobs that will be posted. The last thing is that sortals will for the most part be going away. You will be able to teleport via the chat to any recognized city. More information about this will come soon.
- Admin Asher

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Server is Down

Due to the power outage, a fuse must have blown. The server has no power and I can't turn my lights on. I don't know when the power will be back but as soon as it is I will be running the server once again.
- Admin Asher

Saturday, October 8, 2011

World 1.8

I have generated a new separate world for 1.8. This world will not be permanent and will be deleted and re-rendered when 1.9 is released. Keep playing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A new map for the new hardware

A new map has been rendered and is open for your enjoyment. I have noticed that there are a few bugs that have popped up with the migration to 1.8.1 in game. If you find any please report them and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.
- Admin Asher

Friday, September 23, 2011

90% Up and Version 1.8.1 bugs

Not all the features of the website have been migrated over to the new hardware, the entire forum should be there though. The last 1.7.3 world has been backed up, if you want to download it to have your own backup you can do so here.

The upgrade will most likely cause tiny glitches, if you report them I will attempt to fix them so try to find anything that is wrong with the server

Happy Crafting
-Admin Asher

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minecraft 1.8.1 server running

I have migrated the server over to the new hardware (finally). And I have also upgraded the server to Bukkit's latest recommended build for 1.8.1. Due to the migration the map will not be available for a short period of time. Please bear with the upgrades for a short while. I have not gotten to play on 1.8.1 yet and I think that it will be fun

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Forum Layout Finalized

The new forum layout is implemented for everyone now. Enjoy the new look and keep posting!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Forum Layout

The new forum layout will be coming to everyone soon. So here is a sneak peak on how it looks
I think it looks shiny and I hope you do too (because you will be using it soon)

As most of you know, one of our members Ibramgaunt00 has set up a ventrillo server (mwahahaha). You can get to it by going to It is password protected and you will need to request a password to use it.

- Admin Asher

Saturday, September 17, 2011 is an awesome website where you can play Minecraft. Now instead of telling people you can simply use Isn't that simple? But don't worry because will still work the same what that it always did.

Bukkit still has not released a 1.8 version so the server will continue to run 1.7.3 until then.As a result of some hardware failure I will probably not be putting up a mod-less 1.8 server any time in the foreseeable future.

Admin Asher

Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMG OMG Minecraft 1.8!

You may be thinking to your self. Oh My God! Minecraft 1.8 is finally out. I want to play NOW! That is all well and good but as of now the minecraft server is still only 1.7.3 (for those of you without boolean logic skills, this is not 1.8). I want to play 1.8 as much as you do. So I will! I will be checking regularly for a bukkit version for version 1.8. As soon as that is released I will shift the server over to 1.8 and it will be awesome. For now if you want to play on the server (after I fix the hardware problem) you will still need 1.7.3.

And let me tell you, 1.8 is awesome. So awesome in fact that I have redoubled my efforts to work on the server (sacrificing magic the gathering).

- Admin Asher

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Server Up

The server is back up. It has a new IP address however if you are using "" then it will still work just like it used to. The server will be on 24/7 aside from hardware failures and software updates every so often.

Enjoy my minions!
-Admin Asher

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Server Down

The Server is down for now, there is hardware getting shifted around from place to place and the Minecraft server is getting moved around a little. It should not be down for much longer however. I am working as hard as I can to make sure that everything goes where it is supposed to.
- Asher

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guess Who's Back!

And no, I am still on vacation.

The correct answer is mobs! Due to a recent infestation of antiparticles to the sub-quantum mechanics of electrons (and all that jazz) I have decided to bring mobs back to the land of Demeter. But don't worry, there are no creepers anymore. Enjoy!

As a side effect of this you no longer regenerate health but no worries that will be fixed soon

-Admin Asher

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Vacation

Now that I am in Washington (in my attempt to get to Chicago) I have discovered that not only does this airport have WIFI but it is free WIFI! So I was browsing the Internet and what did i find? Nothing more then Notch giving away free copies of Minecraft to whomever buys a copy this weekend! Time for all you people who don't have Minecraft accounts to turn to your neighbor and say "hey you want to buy Minecraft for half off before it turns into a full game?"
- Asher (probably going to do it myself)l


I will be on vacation until the 24th.

I am still watching for the big 'Adventure Update' which the server will be upgraded to as soon as possible.

Andrew has created a new permissions system for us that will be implemented after the web page interface is finished

The server will be moving on campus, unfortunately this means that for those of you who are not on campus (and cannot VPN into campus) you will not be able to access the server. I will work as hard as I can to change this. I have been looking into some ways around the firewall but as for now after the 24th those of you who cannot access the sub-net on campus will not be able to play. However for those of you who can access the sub-net on campus you will notice a considerable speedup because  the up-speed will have gone from 1MBs up to hopefully around 7MBs. The final physical location of the server has also not been confirmed.

I am working on a sign based world edit system with redstone. When I learn more about manipulating blocks I will describe more about this plugin and how you will be able to use it.

I do hope that by the time courses begin I have had enough free time to change the graphics of the forum site.

Until Later
- Asher

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Map Updates

There are several new things about the map.
The map now has working Day / Night capabilites
You can now search for signs and jump to them
Coordinates are saved in the URL so refresh will refresh you into the same spot
Compass Now faces the correct direction relative to in-game maps
Signs now render on the map image
Stairs are not black anymore (mostly)

This weekend will hopefully be a big weekend for changes.With the help of Andrew and Kevin I plan to make alot of changes.
We will upgrade to the most recent version of bukkit
Write a plugin (or more) for our server
Add Sortal Warp zone (end points) to the world map
Get the purchasing of abilities working form the website
And Clean up the currently abandoned mega-projects so they look good

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rendering The Map

While tweaking the map rendering program (or something), the program decided to not render any more. I am claiming it is not my fault but it might be. Anyways, you may have to deal with some outdated maps for the next few days until I fix the problem.
- Admin Asher

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day/Night Complete

The day and night maps have been completed and uploaded as the new maps however I have noticed that the stairs in the maps will always come up black and the pistons will not show up at all. I will continue to try to fix this. I believe that the pistons just don't have any skin which makes them render clear (but it should make them purple). As for the stairs I have no idea and believe this to be an actual bug with the rendering program. All in all I think the map looks better.
Happy Crafting
-Admin Asher

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day and Night maps

A new project on the dev server is day and night version of the world map. Some of you (kroden3d) have been asking about a top down view of the map. Currently the program that is being used to render the map is not able to do such a thing, however it is able to render daytime and nighttime versions of the map. So I decide to test this out. The current map is neither daytime nor nighttime but a generic global light called normal. With the creation of day and night on the map you will now see shadows of objects left on the map. Hopefully this will help with the depth perception when viewing the world. At the time of writing the old map is still up for everyone to enjoy until Day and Night come over from the dev server.

I am trying my hardest to keep the server running with new things to do. All I ask in return is that you play and participate. "Demeters Wrath" is coming, when all players will loose their abilities and have to start from scratch to gain their powers back. The first step is making an account on the forum. Happy Crafting!
-Admin Asher

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Information About Our server size

Our current map size (including the nether) is 190Mb
Our current version controlled backup is 2.8 Gb
We are not even coming close to reaching the capacity of the hard drive so don't worry about exploring more (not an open invitation to intentionally triple the size of the map). We will be eating another server (or two) soon and that will increase the map size substantially. If anybody would like a copy of the map (or the version repo) for backup they can get one. At this point in time the map backup files will be unencrypted but when the map grows in size the backups will be AES encrypted.

The lag from a few days ago that caused pistons to disappear and then reappear appears to have been fixed. Don't worry about.

Flying will also soon be enabled on the server so feel free to mod your clients to allow you to fly

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Server Specs

The server we are running is a 4gb 2core 3.1GHz computer, from hardware alone the maximum number of supported players is 30 (at one time) however there is something else that is called the Internet. This is currently our limiting factor. The up speed that the server is currently running at is 1Mbs (which is pathetic). Soon I will move the server on campus and when I do there will probably be some changes. First off the server address will no longer be, that will now only get you the forum and map. The Game server will most likely be Because all ports other then port 80 will be blocked from outside connections when entering the campus network. On campus the connection speed should be somewhere around 7 up and 7 down which will allow us to run at a maximum of 21 users. When the server information changes I will let everyone know but for now things will stay the same.
Happy crafting
- Admin Asher

Monday, July 18, 2011

Version 1.7.3

Bukkit has released version 1.7.3 of the minecraft server. This build will be uploaded to the server soon. Apparently there is a huge memory leak problem that was fixed with the new version. So it will definitely be used. There may be some plugins that break with this update so I will be doing some testing first.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mob Dimentional Crack!

"A new experiment on the dev server (ares) has seeped over to the regular game server, you may experience mobs spawning and trying to kill you. For now I believe that they are constrained to the Nether. The portal in homebase will lead you there. I have not seen a creeper yet but keep your eyes peeled!" - Iggystlev, Dimensional Manager

We will soon be welcoming back mobs to Demeter! For now they should only spawn in the nether (where you have no abilities). This will allow you to go dungeoning in the nether. I will be building rooms an buildings there for you to explore. Once this is worked out you will be able to go into the nether and play a compleete opposite version of our minecraft world. All fighting and no building!
- Admin Asher

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Forum and game updates

Our forum still looks a little bare but that is ok as there is currently no need to go to the forum because you still cannot buy abilities. As the summer goes on there is more and more work that needs to get finished quickly. I promise that I will have a method to buy abilities by the end of the weekend! In the meanwhile I hope that you all continue building things and posting what you build on the forum. I myself have a few things I have built but not put on the forum. Kroden3d and Ibramgaunt00 are tied for posts (behind me) at 9, on the forum, and kroden3d has the most cool things on the server posted.
When the abilities become available for purchase the two mods and myself will begin judging all the cool things that are posted on the site and you will receive points right after we judge them. Which you can spend on new abilities instantly. The purchase upgrades page will begin filling with abilities that you can buy soon.

As for minecraft itself, the game is coming close to calling itself a "full release" once the adventure pack comes out there will be a lot of changes to the game, and probably quite a while of downtime for the server. Notch also claims that support for plug-ins on the server is coming without the need for a modded server! In my opinion he and bukkit should just share notes. Thats all for now.
- Admin Asher

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Moderators

The new moderators have been picked.

Kroden3d (Kevin)
Klingbolt (Richard)

Congratulations, enjoy your powers and responsibilities!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Call for Moderators

The two current Mods IbramGaunt00 (Jim) and Klingbolt (Richard) have served us well over the past two months. However they were elected per dictatorship had had no say themselves in the matter, they were also tasked with no responsibilities to uphold.

I now issue a call for
Two Moderators

Powers of a Mod
  1. Able to Kill players
  2. Able to Kick Player
  3. Able to Ban Players
  4. Able to look up the IP of players
  5. Personal Magic Carpet
  6. No Fall Damage
  7. Lightning Stick
  8. The word "MOD" next to your /who name
  9. Freeze players around you (except for other mods and admins)
  10. Teleport Players to Them
  11. /god to make yourself invincible

Tasks of a Mod
  1. Testing plug-ins and submitting bug reports for any errors
  2. Managing griefers and their damages
  3. Assigning points to "cool things" based on the four criteria
  4. Do not misuse powers
  5. Test and fix Sortals
  6. Repair Broken Terrain
  7. Enforce the laws of Iggystlev! THE GOD OF DEMETER

IbramGaunt00 and Klingbolt are also not restricted from continuing to be the mods as long as they maintain the tasks provided

As for the 'cool things points' I am working as hard as I can with the new mysql backend to get that system up and running. Until then I have given everyone the powers of world edit limited to 10,000 blocks, and a new command /spawn which teleports you to the spawn zone!

To apply, make a comment on this post, send me an email, make a forum post, or send me a PM

Play Hard!
Admin Asher (Iggystlev)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Server UPTIME!

The server is UP!
Pistons are WORKING!
Everything is WONDERFUL!

Bukkit 1.6.6 [918] -> Bukkit 1.7.2 [953]
Permissions 3.1.5b -> Permissions 3.1.6 [935]
AdminCmd 4.11.2 -> AdminCmd 4.15 [935]
Welcome Message 1.5.2 -> Welcome Message 1.5.3 [935]

Admin Asher

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gaaa More Downtime! Version 1.7

With the release of version 1.7 of minecraft there will be some downtime until bukkit gets a version that will support 1.7. There is a lot of tube clogging with all the updates trying that are trying to happen. If you want to keep playing on the server 'DO NOT UPDATE'. There are two options for the immediate future of the server.

1) The server will stay on a modded 1.6.6 until a new version of bukkit is supported
2) or the server will get updated to 1.7 using the regular server with no mods

I leave it up to you to decide, I'm going to go play with pistons.
- Admin Asher

Monday, June 27, 2011

Server Downtime

The server will be down until further notice while it' s hardware is being tested. It should not be down for too long. The forum and the map will also be down until further notice. Thanks.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you lost?

You can now view yourself on the world map! Whenever you login to the server an icon will appear on the map over you position with your face on it! Never get lost again. Check it Out

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fourm ranks

There are new ranks on the forums! Check it out. They are relative to the number of posts and not the number of cool things posts you have.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rendering the Map

The map will, from this point on, be rendered twice a day. Once at noon and once at 1 am. You will now be able to see all of your structures. Within about 12 hours of when you build them. Enjoy!
Your Admin

Thursday, June 23, 2011

POI on the map

After getting tired of not being able to see the difference between sortals and not sortals I decided to figure out how to create separate menus. After I figured that out I decided to create a method of marking all the "cool things" we build. There will be two ways of marking a POI. One is with a sortal to homebase. If you leave the top line blank then it will not appear as a POI.

|__Objectname Here__|
|___Anything here___|

The other is with a sign that does not function as a sortal. This is used if you want to include three lines of text in your POI or if your sortal back to homebase is on the outside of the POI and you want the marker to be on the inside.

|_Point of Interest_|
|__Objectname Here__|
|_____More Text_____|
|_____More Text_____|

If you want to still have your sortal to homebase contain the name of the poi but not show up as a poi then simply put a space on either side of the name and it will be ignored without obscuring the text on the sign.

|_ Objectname Here _|
|___Anything here___|

Monday, June 20, 2011

Server Downtime + Feedback + Backup

Tuesday (June 21) the server will be down from 10:00pm to 12:00am. This will be the transition over to the newly purchased hardware. You should all start to see a dramatic difference (this one also has fans).

I do love to hear feedback about the server, anything you want to change about the server or anything you very much like about the server. Feel free to post it as comments here or on the forum

If any of you would like to download a copy of the Minecraft world I will start making a link available to download weekly backups of the world (while the internal backups will be daily). These will be the entire map data and plugin data (sortals, permissions, etc.). The link will be available on the forum and will change each week to download the new world.

Your Admin

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Check who is playing

With the upgrade of the permissions system you can now:
- check to see who else is playing with you by typing /who and a list of players will appear
- not have any abilities in the nether
- Have less server reboots when giving or removing user permission with in-game reloads

Admin Asher

P.S. There will now be welcome messages whenever you log in. This will contain small updates about the server. The current minecraft budget is -$65.

Sucessfull Server Running

Since the indecent the server has been running smoothly. All the plug-ins (except for permissions) have been upgrade to their most recent version. This is because, even though the new version of permissions is much better then the last. I would like to integrate it with the web server before I upgrade. This way people can buy plug-ins right away without having to wait for an admin to change the permissions manually. A sample page will be going up shortly containing all the information about buying plug-ins.

One thing that you NEED to be sure of is that your Minecraft username and you Demeter Forum username are THE SAME. If they are not then you will be buying plug-ins for people who are not you.

The FAQ on the forum page will help any new players a-lot with how to use the basic commands. Please sign up on the forum soon because the after I get it working on the dev-server there will be a white-list on the minecraft world for anyone who has registered on the forum.

Your Admin

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We Broke it! YAY
At approximately 15 minutes ago the server hardware overheated!!!
There was no fan!
Rushing to repair it Tor, Gabe and I failed to make it in time.
The computer now has a temporary fan, take a look!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beta Server Up and running

The server is back online. However it is still not stable. I will be adding new plugins and removing old ones as well as upgrading plugins. If you would like to play on the server feel free. However if there is something wrong. Then please tell me about it. We are on new server hardware but not on the final server (which I finally got working an hour ago). I will post what changes I am making as comments to this post. If you find that something is broken please report it. Also due to one of the players deleting upward of four million blocks using world edit, world edit will now have a block cap.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Server Downtime

The server will be down until June 16th. It is being backed up and transfered over to the new server hardware. The blog and map will be down until the 15th. If you manage to connect to the server before the 16th please note that anything you do may be deleted as a result of the transfer process. During this process all the plug-ins will be updated. This may cause corruption of portals and may return all players to original spawn with no items. When the server is back Online a list of changes will be posted.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not so cool things are hot

I have recently stumbled into a lot of work ahead of me.
The server is running. The Forum is running.
FAQ on the forum is evolving.
Projects are starting to show up on the forum.
The new server is un-funded.
The current budget for the server is at -$80.
I hope that we can get the new server running
Until next time
Your Broke and Broken Admin, Asher

Cool things and not cool things

There is now a forum for our server, this is where you will upload you cool things pictures and descriptions. There is also a section for you to submit bugfixes and upgrade requests. It is all going to be very nice. There will also soon be a page that allows you to purchase new upgrades that will instantly be changed on the server. For this reason you need to sign up on the forum with the exact same username as your minecraft account. I am currently working on a validation system for white-listing the server via registered forum users. As a result of this we come to the no so cool things. With the combination of upgrading to 1.6.6 and adding new backend scripts 'offline' mode has been disabled. For most of you that should not be too bad, but for some of you I know that you wont be able to play any more unless you get a legitimate account. I apologizes for this. If you have any complaints click here to send me a personal grievance. You can get to the forum at

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Update For Teleportation

NOTE: This turned up to be a bad idea and has since been reverted, thanks!
The item for teleportation items. The compass no longer teleports you. With the new item of maps I decided that the better option would be to have maps teleport you around. So the new item is the map (358). Enjoy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stress of updates

Well guys, updating the systems software is proving to be very difficult. However, all of the the updates (including the permissions plug-in) will be better then ever. When it is all done you will be able to log into the web site and buy abilities using your cool things points, then it will instantly change on the server. I am expecting a lot of things to break while the updating happens. If you notice that something is not right just tell me what it is and I will get to it as fast as I can. Piece by piece the server will start coming together. After it does we will have a party.
- Admin

Following The Blog

Now that we are not all in relatively the same place, feel free to comment on the blog. Or even click the follow button. This will everybody keep up with what anyone else is doing. Richard, so far, is the only one who is following the blog (via rss). In other news, I have received all the parts for the new server except for the mother board. So in the time being I have configured the old server to run minecraft. I will be updating the plugins today to the server will probably be reset quite a few times. Other then that, enjoy.
- Asher

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Upgrades to 1.6

As a result of the rapid release update for Minecraft the server will now run a 1.6(.6) version server. Make sure that you all upgrade to this version of Minecraft so that you will be able to play on the server. Only a few more days until the new server is up and running so hang tight everybody.
- Admin

Friday, June 3, 2011

Final New Server Hardware

The new server hardware has been ordered. It consists of a 3.1 GHz dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM. This will allow for the server to be run very smoothly and without hiccups. I will try to get the server up and running as soon as possible. The sooner people feel like donating money the faster and harder I will work on this issue. Thanks for playing on the server. Keep checking back for updates. I hope this break from the server has not effected you mental psyche too much.

- Admin Asher

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Server Hardware

As some of you know the current minecraft server lags out and causes crashes every so often. This is because it is running on a single core with a gigabyte of ram. The current motherboard can only support a total of two gigabytes of ram. The rough prices off of Newegg for new ram is around 30$ for the DDR-800 upgrade on the current server. However I have also been looking at completely replacing the entire server with a better one. This server will be able to run minecraft and any other game or service, like Ventrillo, without worry. The new server will cost about $160 because all that will be purchased is a motherboard, ram, and a processor.

So to break it down.
With just the memory upgrade, the server will run much smoother and most of the problems will disappear.

With the new server. All the problems that I can ever think of will be gone and the map will be able to be updated regularly. As well we will be able to use the current server as a backup server that will also be used for testing new mods. Which will mean fewer manual server restarts.

If I manage to get half of the money needed for a new server I will purchase it. For the new server as well the RAM seems to be the most expensive part, so if that goes on sale the computer will be cheaper.

We currently have eight players on the server and we are still growing, with new more advanced mods as well, like airplanes, and we desperately need a new server. If everybody is able to give between $10 and $20 I will buy the new server and life will be well for everyone. If not everyone is able to put money towards the server that is ok. The may change slightly depending on what is in stock.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Jim has taken the server.
Richard and Jim are now admins for the summer.
Complain to them now.

On my own leisure I plan to do these things to the sever
-- Live positions of players on the map
-- Airplanes

When the server goes down for a few days over the summer do not worry it should be back soon. As shown by Kevin it is also not hard to set up your own server for a few days... though you will not get move anything you work on into the new server.

- Your Vacationing Admin

Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick updates to Lighting And Teleportation

Lightning does not cause fires anymore.

The feathers have been disabled. The compass should have the same features as the feather did. Remember that the compass does not point north it points towards spawn

Zombie Pigmen
Zombie pigmen are created when a pig is hit with lightning, i may have accidentally hit a pig with a lightning storm. They should go away, eventually.

World Map
Thanks to Tor's help there is now a webserver that you can view a map of the world in. You can get to it by going to So now that there is a map running you should all be able to know where you are running. The map rendering program I am using (overviewer) is a very hi-res program but takes a long time to render the world. I will probably switch to a faster lower resolution version of the map or only have the map render once or twice a day (at noon and midnight).

Enjoy, and remember the the world will be getting the Cool Things Points soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bans and Griefers

The World Edit plug-in is up and running. I will be giving everyone access to it temporarily until I can fix some of the bugs.
This is a powerful plug-in and if ANYTHING goes wrong with it, the plug-in will be removed. If the plugin is used to destroy anyone's projects that player will be perma-banned, no questions.

People have been asking for a map. The answer is No. It will not happen soon. Why? The map is too big. You guys should have explored less and not used teleport as much. I will give you this map though, enjoy:
This will be your new map if people keep asking for it :)

I am also getting tired of people asking me how to do things, like "How do I make a sortal?"
Well here are all the commands you can use.

/i [item number / name] [quantity] [username] [damage]
###gives a player an item

### sets the time to day

/sortal warp [name] here
### create a sortal warp point here

/sortal delwarp [name]
### delete a sortal warp point

/tp [playername]
### teleports you to a player

### makes you mine very quickly but no drops

To create a Sortal Sign
|___Anything Here___| |___________________|
|______[sortal]_____| |______[sortal]_____|
|_____w:warpname____| |_____w:homebase____|
|___Anything here___| |___________________|
+-------------------+ +-------------------+

Right Click With a Stick (280) to remove bedrock
To find item codes go to

If you ask me about anything on this list again I will ban you for being annoying.

If you want to learn how to use the world edit abilities: Here
The one command you should know is //undo
Your Admin
- Asher

Monday, May 2, 2011

Server Uptime, and moderator updates

The server is back up and running with all its new features.

Mods (people with legit accounts) have some more abilities then the regular default user, deal with it. By following the rules and building "cool things" you will be givin "cool things points" which you can use to buy powers as shown below.
Any player that builds (or helps build) 5 'cool things' will get an immortality mode.
Any player that builds (or helps build) 10 'cool things' will get the super pickaxe
Any player that builds (or helps build) 15 'cool things' will get the ability to place and remove bedrock
Any player that builds (or helps build) 20 'cool things' will get the ThunderGod ability
Any player that builds (or helps build) 30 'cool things' will get Super User Commands
Any player that builds (or helps build) 50 'cool things' will get Admin Commands, Anything I can do in game.
When you make a 'cool thing' put your name(s) on a sign with the name of what you made

World Maps
Maps of the world are being rendered but the time that it takes for a map to be rendered is way to long so I am looking for different methods of map rendering. I also need to set up a webserver in order for the map to be able to be displayed to the users unless I make a downloadable version.

WorldEdit Plugin
The world edit plugin is coming to the server and will only be granted to players on request for a specific project that they will be undertaking, after the project is finished they will lose the powers.
You can find the PDF of how to use the world edit plugin here:

Lighting and weather
It apears that lightning and weather are still running on the server. They will probably stay for a while longer as I am starting to finish the base set of plugins for this server.

There seems to have been much less exploring recently which is good and allows the server to process other things. I am glad to see that the server is being taken care of by all the users. As a reward I will try to keep the server running over the summer so that you all can still play on it.

I hope to see cool things, like the underground obelisk, blimp, and fractal appear and I am looking forward to how the Dojo will turn out.

Lightning Fire

Due to a tragic problem involving lightning and a certain blimp structure. Weather will be removed from the game. Because people have done so much work on the game I am trying to not revert back to a previous day and instead copy an old part of the blimp to the new part. Furthermore, lightning is now removed from the game. along with most other weather.

If this cannot be fixed, I hope that we can all help rebuild the frame of the ship to make it better then it was before (and not only out of wool)

The server will be down until further notice

Your depressed Admin

DEOP is here

The massive deop has arrived, And just in time the server is completely reconfigured to fit your needs. More information will be coming soon but here is what you will need to know.

Things that still work
/tp jump
/tp tool (the feather tool)
all forms of use of the sortal gates

Things that do not work anymore (common things)
/time set
(all other op skills /list /kick /anything else)

"But admin! This sucks, I want to be able to spawn items and set it to day time" says the Cory the complainer
"You still can!" says Admingod
Instead of '/give' it is now '/i' the commands are a little bit backwards so you will have to get used to it, however you can now specify the [damage] section of your item, which means wool colors and stuff of the sort!

"Buuuuut hoow do I set it do daayyyyy tiiiiiime!!!" says Cory
"Shut the hell up cory!" says Admingoingtokillyourightnow
to set the time to day simply use '/day' with no other arguments and the time will change to day.

Last thing for now, there is a new feature for mods '/fastmining'. it does what it says. use this command to toggle it on or off, so you can destroy blocks in one hit.

Current Players - Rank
Iggystlev - Admins
Klingbolt - Mod
IbramGaunt00 - Mod
Kroden - Default
Pyroguy - Default
Wishinstar - Default

Have a nice day
- Asher

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Minecraft Server Blog

As the number of people on the server grows the amount of mods will too. Here will be the list of mods and updates to the system instead of getting emails about everything, there will be a nice simple area that you can look back at all the updates that have happened recently. There will probably be an update once a week. First I will start with, all the information for mod powers can usually be found inside the admin zone. If you are a offline player you will have less power then the online players. So to break down the Hierarchy on the server

Asher (Iggystlev) - Admin / Server
Richard (Klingbolt) - Lead Moderator
Jim (IbramGaunt00) - Moderator
The rest of you - Players
Any newcomers - No powers (will be whitelist banned eventually)

There has been a slight problem with generating the maps recently due to the large amount of render time paired with the size of the rendered file. The world size seems to have increases 900% in the last week to a size of 98Mb which brings the avrage render time to 30-45minutes and the rendered file size of 600Mb. I have also noticed that there are LARGE portions of the map that have just been jumped to and then nothing has been built, about 10% of the map has anything on it the other 90% is just trash. I hope to be able to change that soon. If this growth continues the jump feature will be disabled as a result. Soon I will have a download link for the 600Mb map because at this point in time it will not be hosted on a server :(.

There are no more mobs on the map and your hearts now regenerate. This is much better because your stuff will not get destroyed and you don't have to worry about being killed.

Mod Powers
Everyone will be losing their mod powers very soon. The /give feature will probably come back eventually with certain restrictions on it. Like No bedrock. I also hope to be able to spawn colored wool.

Git Version control
The world is now under git version control. What does this mean? It means that every day or so the entire world will be backed up and we can revert to any point in time if something gets massively destroyed