Thursday, August 16, 2012

World Rendering

Some of you may have noticed that thing that you are building in the world are not rendering, for example: sideways logs.

This is in fact the case, there is an update to the world map plugin avalable but because it would require a full render of the world (which can take days) I have decided to wait until I finish a new plugin to generate the world. The world generator plugin will turn the world into a giant circle instead of this haphazard shape we have now, after that is implemented the world map will be upgraded.

Don't be afraid to upgrade to 1.3.2, it should still work with the server.

We also have a group build tomorrow at 5pm. Be sure to join in for great prizes and fun!
- Admin Asher

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Group Build: The tower

Our next scheduled build will be Friday the 17th at 5pm.

Prize for Joining:
  • 10k Money
  • 6 Pairs of Diamond Boots Enchanted with Featherfall (for flying)
Goal: To build a tower to the top of the world from the bottom of the world
Where: Here (again)

Some people have already begun building the tower but the actual event will not begin until Friday
When the event starts just ask to be teleported to the even location.

- Asher

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MInecraft 1.3

Bukkit has released a Minecraft 1.3 recommended build. I will be testing our plugins on the server and I will get Demeter running 1.3 hopefully by the end of the day.
- Admin Asher

Edit: Aaand it's up, Enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


This is the 100th post! Also there is new set of upgrades to the plugins that are on the sever.

Ability to Fly
Ability to give money to players
New gamemaster commands to manage players
The shop world has been fixed so that you cannot build or break in it
You can no longer warp from the end or the shop
If you type part of a warp name the server will auto complete the rest

We will also be introducing competition on the server for large rewards. The first competitions will be posted at the bottom of this post, as well as the rules and rewards

Command: /warp <warp_name>
Click on a teleport activation sign inside of a plot and then it will be added to the list of plots that you can warp to.

Command: /warplist
Lists all of the warps that are on the server, warps that you have activated are hilighted.

Command: /mywarps
Lists all of the warps that you have activated.

Compass Jumping
If you are holding a compass and have at least one feather in your inventory you can click on a block up to 100 blocks away and teleport to the top of the block at the cost of a feather in your inventory.

Command: /fly
If you are wearing a pair of boots that are enchanted with Feather Fall then you can use the /fly command to enter "fly mode" at the cost of your boots. Fly mode is identical to the creative mode flying, press space twice to start flying, press it twice again to stop. Hold space while flying to move up, hold crouch while flying to move down. Depending on the type of boot you get to fly for different amounts of time. These times may change in the future.
  • Leather: 5 minutes
  • Iron: 15 minutes 
  • Gold: 20 minutes
  • Diamond: 30 minutes
Command: /money
See how much money you have in the bank

Command: /shop
Teleport to the shop world

Command: /grant <player> <amount>
Give an amount of money from your bank to another player

Command: /price [item_id]
Get the price of a certian block, if you dont include the item id it will tell you the price of the blocks you are holding in your hand

Buying and selling
Once you are in the shop, there are three types of signs. The numbers on the signs do not indicate their price but instead indicate the block ID.

[shop]: click it to buy a single item of the displayed type
[shop-stack]: click to buy a full stack of the displayed type
[sell]: click with an item in your hand to sell all of the items in your hand

You can make money by selling blocks to the shop, or by mining and placing blocks on the server.

Command: /claim <plotname>
Claims a new 8x8 plot where you are standing named "plotname". Four torches are placed at the corners of the plot indicating where it is. Other people cannot build or break anything in the plot.

Command: /expand
When you are standing adjacent to a plot that you own you will expand the claimed plot to another 8x8 chunk. Four more torches will apear on the corners of the new plot.

Command: /darkexpand
Does the same thing as /expand but does not place torches. Useful for claiming area that you have already built in.

Command: /addbuilder <playername>
Adds a user as a builder to your plot. This means that they can build and break blocks on your plot

Command: /removebuilder <playername>
This removes a builder from your plot, meaning that they can no longer build or break blocks on your plot

Command: /addowner <playername>
This will add a user as another owner of a plot. They can build break and expand the plot as if it were their own. Owners cannot be removed from plots

 That should be a comprehensive list of features of the plugins. Now on to the compititions.

Price List
Task: Make a fair price list for all items in the shop (for 1.3)
Reward: 1,000,000 to chosen price list, 1,000 ~ 10,000 to any player who submits a list
  • The list must cover every item in 1.3. Including different types of wood, half slabs, stairs, potions, and colored wools
  • The list must be based on some sort of system, for example "There are 10 iron ore per 1 diamond ore, so diamond ore costs 1000 and iron ore costs 100"
  • The price to buy a diamond is 1000
  • Selling prices do not have to be the same as buying prices but if no selling prices is listed the selling prices is half the buying price
Prove you read the blog
Task: Tell Iggystlev that you read the blog ingame
Reward: 10,000 + Diamond Armor
Requirement: type the sentance in alternating caps. Eg: "IgGy I rEaD tHe BlOg"

Fix a bug
Task: submit a pull request that fixes a bug in the plugins to github
Reward: 50,000
Requirements: The pull request must be accepted into the repo

Find a bug
Task: Submit a bug report about the plugins to github
Reward: 5,000
Requirements: It must be a real bug, not a feature request

Build a City
Task: Build a city big enough to get a warp point
Reward: 500,000~1,000,000

  • Very few mobs should spawn in the city, walls are preferred
  • No, mobs can get to the location that you warp to
  • A warp location must be constructed, it cannot just be a corner of a building

As for now that is it. I will soon be posting about our upgrade to 1.3 (we are still running 1.2.5). If bukkit takes a long time to upgrade to 1.3 then we will release the jar files for 1.2.5 so players can roll back a version to play on the server.

- Admin Asher