Saturday, January 28, 2012

Economy System Money "cap"

As a fair warning to everyone if you 9.22337204 quadrillion (9.22337204 × 1018) dollars in the bank your money will break and you will suddenly have -9.22337204 quadrillion dollars in the bank, good luck

Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress Report #1

Teleport Plugin [50%]:
   - Teleport 'Jump' with the compass and a feather [100%]
   - Teleport 'Warp" with the compass and a feather [0%]
   - - - Warps and Activators Saved on server [100%]
   - - - Warps can be placed by  admins [0%]
   - - - Activators can be placed by admins [0%]
   - - - Player activations are saved on server [100%]
   - - - Players can activate warps [50%]

Frozen Block Plugin [15%]:
   - Blocks are unaffected by all conditions [20%]
   - Blocks are saved on server [10%]

Land Plotter [6%]:
   - Blocks on other players plots cannot be placed or destroyed [10%]
   - Plots can be bought with names [0%]
   - Plots can be expanded [0%]
   - Other players can be added and removed from plots [0%]
   - Dynmap region overlay [0%]
   - Hi-res plot renders can be bought and uploaded to the site [0%]

Toll sign [0%]:
   - Players are able to place toll signs for arbitrary ammounts of money [0%]
   - Other players can pay the toll to have the sign act as a stone button [0%]
   - Players are able to change and destroy toll signs [0%]

Economy Plugin [0%]:
   - Player has a stored money value [0%]
   - Player can buy blocks [0%]
   - Player can sell blocks [0%]
   - Player gets money from Mining and Placing blocks [0%]
   - Cities give discounts on specific blocks [0%]

Map Plugin -> Dynmap

P.S. the server is back online if you guys want to play (old plugins, not sure what bukkit version, Ill update it soonish)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How the server works

There are a few things about the server now.
Economy, the world now uses an economy system!
you can:
- buy and sell blocks and items
- give money to each other
- create signs that require people to pay you money in return for a red-stone event

there are two types of teleporting, jumping and warping
- Jumping can be done by holding a compass and clicking on a block (up to 200 blocks away) every jump consumes one feather from your invintory
- Warping allows you to teleport to any city you have activated. It consumes your compass. Each city has a teleport pad with a sign on it. if you right click the sign with a compass once then you activate the city. If you right click the sign with a compass again then your compass will point to that city instead of wherever it was pointing before.
type /warp <cityname> to warp to a city you have activated

 Protecting Your Land
Land is devided up into 8x8 chunks which you can buy and name with your currency
Each one can only be built on or destroyed  by you or people you allow

Stand in a chunk and say /buy <plotname> and 4 torches will be placed at the corners of the chunk and you will have bought it, every time you enter it it will say "entering <plotname>"
stand in a chunk and say /add <playername> and the player will be added as a
stand in a chunk adjacent to a chunk you own and say /expand and the new chunck will be added to the size of your last one
stand in a chunk and say /own to see who owns the chunk
restone events will still work within chunks
players who have not been added to the chunk cannot place, destroy, or burn any block within the chunk

Admin abilities
Admins have the basic abilities to "kick" "ban" "server message" etc. as well as designate new cities using /warp set and /warp activator inside a owned chunk, once both of these are done the city is added to the list of cites and can be accessed by any player
Admins also have the ability to "freeze" blocks, meaning that they ignore the rules of physics in minecraft. And example that I plan to use is the "frozen powered rail" which is a powered rail (with power) that is floating over a chasm so that you need a minecart in order to cross.

Edit: As I was developing the warp plugin I decided that the activator does not need to be near the warp point. it does not even have to be in the same world in fact. You could have an activator in the nether that teleports you to a city in the middle of a void in the regular world

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unfortunate Spout

Spout seems to be having quite a few bugs with the server, causing crashes and severe server warnings. So for now we will not be using it, though it has so much potential. I do hope that the future of Minecraft will have something like this built in. Most of the mods we will have are going to be custom and each person's individual builds and cities are going to be able to be protected via an economy system (which can also be used to buy and sell blocks). The server should be up and running on the 21st after we get back on campus.
- Asher

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Software

I don't want to get too ahead of myself but this new stuff is awesome and I think you are all going to like it.

Except for Fred, he is banned.

I'll post more about it later
-Admin Asher