Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nice Party of 9

The other day we had a nice group of nine people playing on the server, it brought me much happiness  to see people all together, we were just 6 short of having 15 people playing on the server at once. The server is up to version 1.4.5 for those of you who do not know. Also I would like to announce that the price list bounty has gone up to 2 Million Chips (ingame money). You must price out the entire item list in minecraft for the server to use in the future version of the economy system. Each item needs these three criteria:

Item Name
Sell Price - How much can a player sell it to the shop for
Buy Price - How much can a player buy it from the shop for
Different values may be needed for blocks with different meta data, for example half slabs made of wood should not cost the same as ones made of stone brick, while they have the same block id.

Lastly a warning, item frames are not blocks, they are entities and as a result they can be broken within a protected area. Do not store your valuables in item frames if you fear that others will be able to destroy the frame and take the items. The safest place to store something is in an ender chest.
- Asher