Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Demeter Events

A new idea was given to me today. It was similar to an idea before but now it is more well rounded. It is called 'Events'. Every so often a new separate world will be created, each event world will have a specific task to complete and once you do you get a reward, however only one player or one group of players can win each event. The first event will be a dungeon. Any player can clear a room but only the players that get to the end first will get a prize. Once the event is over all the players will be teleported back to the main world, any user can enter or leave the event world at any time. When you go to the event world your inventory is set aside and you are given a new inventory, when the event is over the inventory you collected in the event world will be placed in your mailbox. Oh ya, did I mention the mailboxes? Any item you buy at the shop that cannot fit in your inventory will appear in a mailbox, you can also send items to other players via the mailbox. You can collect items from your mailbox if you are in the shop world but you can view your mailbox at any time. It costs money to send items to people though so you cant use it as extra inventory space. If anyone wants to help with writing these plugins feel free to contact me. Also don't forget to comment on this post about what you think about these plugins.
- Happy Crafting

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Resuming Work

Now that classes have begun I find myself running out of time to write and test new plugins for the server. That on top of the fact that demeter costs time and money to run and maintain puts working on new plugins at a very low priority. However, if you help turn Demeter into a server that can turn a profit then it will provide more then enough motivation to continue working on the plugins and features. The blog is ad supported so if you disable ad-block while viewing the blog or the map that may help increase revenue. Also feel free to click the paypal donate button in the right hand of the screen. If you include your minecraft username with your donation you will receive ingame money, the more you give the more ingame money per dollar you will get. For example if you give $1 you will get 1000 in game money per dollar. If you give $10 you will get 10000 in game money per dollar.

Happy Crafting
- Asher