Sunday, October 28, 2012

1.4.2 Dev Build Released

Hey players. Bukkit has released a dev build of 1.4.2 which means that the server will be updated soon. However it is quite difficult to continue to maintain the server. Thus I give you, the players, the ability to keep the server alive. With the last round of updates the plugins reached around 5.5 thousand lines of code. I will continue maintaining the server if either one of these things happens:

1) 15 people comment on this post
2) A screen shot of 15 people playing at the same time is posted as a comment
3) $64 is donated to the server (the remaining cost of the servers hardware)

If two of these things happens I will also implements some new plug-ins that people have been asking for as quickly as possible, including bringing back creepers and TNT with no explosions.
Happy crafting
- Asher

The server is currently down for maintenance, it should be back up by Monday

The server is now running 1.4.2

Friday, October 26, 2012


With 1.4.x having just come out I remind people not to upgrade to 1.4.x until Bukkit comes out with a supporting build. Hopefully that will be soon.
- Asher