Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scheduled Downtime

The first scheduled downtime of the server!

Friday March 30th from 8am to 1pm
Downtime may be longer or shorter depending on the complexities of the update

I am so exited. All the other downtimes were because the hardware failed!

What is the reason for this downtime?
Glad you asked!

I will be updating the server with some new plugins and Ill be cleaning up some broken plots (people who used claim instead of expand). As an attempt to fix this I have changed the price of the claim command.

/claim will now cost $5000 instead of $1000

Warping! There will be four warps available when the server comes back online.
  • Homebase
  • Graveyard
  • Tirrell, The Port City
  • Caelum, The Sky Tower
Warping does not cost anything but takes 6 seconds of not moving to warp. You will only be able to warp to places you have activated (by clicking the activation sign).

- Asher Glick, Administrator

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our next Big Build!

Our second build is here!
Caelum: The Sky Tower

You can find this are on the map: here

Just like last time there will be chests full of materials to use when building the tower.

The build will be on Saturday March 31st.

A super special prize will be given to those who attend the build (it's a secret)

- Asher Glick, Administrator

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rednering the World

We have now upgraded to 1.2.4 so in order to fix some bugs on the map caused by biomes changing I have ordered the server to re-render the entire world. If you notice a little lag in the server for the next few hours it is because it is generating a brand new map. After it is done then the map should look good and not have glitches in it.
- Asher

Friday, March 23, 2012

Warp plugin

I have been working on a warp plugin and it is functional but it needs a little bit of refining. Plan to see it on the server within the week however. If you type
/warp <cityname>
then you will get teleported to that city after 6 seconds of you not moving. That time might be decreased to 5 seconds or something in between but that will change later.

The admin side of the warp plugin is also not complete so admins cannot create warps just yet.

Keep building and expect to see cool things in the future.
- Asher

(also, thanks to Josh for helping debug these plugins)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Economy and other Plugin Updates

I am currently working on updating and shining the plugins on our server, the first thing to note is that you can now sell items at the shop! Because all items (other then apples and dragon's eggs) are $2 all items will sell for $1. You sell an item by holing the item stack in your hand and clicking the [sell] sign in the shop. After a few other bugfixes and once flying is added in the shop will gain semi-correct prices for their items (hopefully by the end of tonight).
Keep playing!
- Asher Glick

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Survival Map #2

So I sorta forgot to mention the impromptu survival map 'sky block' started on our server. We have since finished the map and have started another: 'Salty Awakening'.

It can be found in the same place as the last:

Only 4 people can be on a time in order to preserve the processor ability, enjoy!
- Asher

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bukkit 1.2 dev Build

We are now using the 1.2.3 bukit dev build. I have updated all of the plugins that need to be updated, so now using Version 1.2.3 is OK go ahead an update your game!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The First Build

Our first build, sounds fund don't it? Now that the time is almost here I will be explaining the rules of the build in the following sections:

What are we building?
We are building Tirrell: The Port City!

Where are we building?

Right here

So this is a port city, what should we build?
I am glad you asked! It is a city but it is also a port so here is a list of things to build
  • Houses
  • Roads
  • Docks
  • The big wall protecting residents from the outsiders
  • The gate in the big wall protecting.... etc
  • Docks
  • Ships at the docks
  • Teleport location
  • and a small train station outside where the rail tracks will go

Will this be time lapsed and put on youtube?
Yes, I will be running a camera to time lapse the build, but feel free to do the same

I don't have enough materials to build an entire city, what do I do?
Chests full of tools and materials will be provided at the build site

I don't want to build scaffolds for all of the tall buildings, can I fly instead?
Yes, everyone who want to help will be allowed to fly and given the ability to do so

Why don't you just put us all in creative mode?
To try to prevent people from breaking everything by accident. However I may still put everyone in creative mode

It is very hard to see at night, will you make it stay constantly day?
No, the time cycle will progress normally so be sure to place plenty of torches

What items are we getting to build the city?
  • Logs: 5 chest full = 270 stacks = 17280 logs ( = 69120 planks)
  • Redstone: 1 chest full = 54 stacks = 3456 Redstone dust
  • Wool: 1 chest full = 54 stacks = 3456 Blocks of Wool
  • Torches: 1 chest full = 3456 Torches
  • Stone: 9 chests full
  • Cobblestone: 3 chests full
  • Iron ingots: 1 chest full
  • Dyes: 1 chest full
  • Random: 1 chest
  • Misc. 1 chest:
    • trees: 2 stacks
    • bookshelves 7 stacks
    • glass: 45 stacks
If you have any questions feel free to comment
(the chests are encased in bedrock right now, don't take stuff from them)

Also DO NOT UPGRADE TO 1.2 YET bukkit does not have a 1.2 version out and I am working as hard and as fast as I can to make sure all the plugins will work for 1.2.

- Admin Asher