Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Near future of demeter

Hey Crafters,
This is a post about how donations will work in the near future. In the past you were able to donate money to the server and receive in game money as a result. I am now changing the rules so that you can no longer break blocks in the world unless you donate a dollar to the world. We will also be limiting the ability to craft certain items and mine specific blocks unless you donate every other month. These blocks include but are not limited to iron, gold, and diamond ores. Claiming land will also change, for every dollar you donate you will be allowed to claim up to two plots of land. If you donate $10 you will be given an unlimited amount of whatever block you want as well as the ability to fly. for $20 you can enter creative mode and fly around. If you donate $50 you will be able to teleport around the map as you see fit and ignore the limitations of other player's plots, allowing you to build and destroy block in them. For $100 you will get all the powers that the admin has, including the ability to ban other players and user world edit to mass create and remove blocks.
I truly do hope that this make the game a better experience for all of the player who join our loving server.
- Sir Admin Moneybags esq.

Ok, but for real.

Donations are stupid and I never liked them, the game should not be pay to win. Ever. It just makes the game not fun. But I really like the idea of having a fair way to sponsor the game if you want to catch up with friends or spontaneously build a mega structure that is not part of a scheduled group build. Donations are here to stay in the same form that they were in the past: You will get 1000 chips, in game money, per dollar per dollar up to 10 dollars. Yah that sounds a bit confusing so let me explain it a little more.
$1 = 1000 Chips (1000 chips per dollar)
$2 = 4000 Chips (2000 chips per dollar)
$3 = 9000 Chips (3000 chips per dollar)
$10 = 100000 Chips (10000 chips max per dollar)
$11 = 110000 Chips (10000 chips max per dollar)

However there will be one big key difference in how the donations work. Instead of going to me to fund the server, now that I am fully capable of funding it on my own:
all the donations will go directly to the EFF
Because honestly, they will do a hell of a lot more good with the money then I would plus they are my favorite nonprofit. You will see this change appear on the website as soon as I figure out the best way to streamline the donation process.

Happy crafting!
- Admin Asher (Iggystlev)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Aaaand Were Back

After a bit longer then expected the server is back online running 1.6.4. Remember that the new server address is


and the official web page is now at demetermine.com (which will be getting an update soon). As you know I try to have the server available for free, and I will try my best to keep it that way. However if you do feel like helping out the server some opportunities will arise for you to do that.

Happy Crafting
- Admin Asher