Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back up for a while!

Demetermine is back up and available for access, it is still behind a firewall so you will need to VPN into campus but in just a month it will be moved to a more permanent home where it can be accessed by the outside world.
- Asher

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The server is down

The server has been disconnected and unplugged. Here's hoping that it gets set back up soon!
- Admin Asher

Moving Day

Moving day is almost here, the server may be going down any time between now and tomorrow (Thursday the 17th)  It will probably only be down a few days because instead of waiting two weeks for it to reach its new home Andrew can provide space for it for a short while, this will still mean that the server will be temporarily down for a short while, and then it will go down once more when it gets moved into its final location. Depending on what happens I will make sure to keep you all informed.
- Admin Asher

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Plugins

In an attempt to write better code in the future I will be working on making all of the plugins on the server "Feature Complete". So this post is to ask you what features you want to see on the server.

The current ones to work on are:
  • Adding owners to a plot
  • Adding workers to a plot
  • Removing workers from a plot
  • Case un-sensitive input for warp names
  • Partial input for warp names 
  • Display a list of known warps
  • No warping from "The Shop" or "The End"
  • Admin Mode
    • Place blocks in other players plots
    • Invulnerable
    • Warp anywhere
    • Lightning
  • Able to sell all plots that share a name
  • Admins can delete single plots
  • Animated warp signs
  • Automated configuration file creation on first run
  • Non-block items in shop
  • Damaged items in shop
  • Enchantment in shop
  • Potions in shop
  • Better block prices
  • Flying using hunger and feather fall boots
  • New way to teleport to the shop to not allow you to avoid combat or environment
    • Possibly leave a player character behind that can be killed