Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New plugins on the server

Hello crafters!
There are new plugins on the server now! Huzzah. With the introduction of the new plugins your plots are now 100% safe. Item frames and paintings can no longer be destroyed by people who do not own the plot you are in. Feel free to display your accomplishments as much as you want! Furthermore TNT will no longer damage your plots. No longer shall you be afraid of TNT damaging anything you own. It will still damage you however. With the new addition of protection against TNT we have opted to bring creepres back into the game, fret naught my good citizens for creepers can no longer damage blocks, only you. A final note about TNT is that when it explodes outside of a plot it will drop none of the blocks it destroys, this is to help deter the use of TNT while still making it available for use.

Along with the TNT update we have also added a new feature called questing. This allows a single dungeon or event to be created in order for multiple players to gain the prize at the end. The plugin functions using command blocks and thus can only be created by an admin. So if you create a quest and want it to be available to the other players then ask an admin to add a quest to it!

In addition to the afforementioned updates there are also some minor updates to the look and feel of the functions providing new colors and aliases.

- Asher