Friday, May 27, 2011

New Server Hardware

As some of you know the current minecraft server lags out and causes crashes every so often. This is because it is running on a single core with a gigabyte of ram. The current motherboard can only support a total of two gigabytes of ram. The rough prices off of Newegg for new ram is around 30$ for the DDR-800 upgrade on the current server. However I have also been looking at completely replacing the entire server with a better one. This server will be able to run minecraft and any other game or service, like Ventrillo, without worry. The new server will cost about $160 because all that will be purchased is a motherboard, ram, and a processor.

So to break it down.
With just the memory upgrade, the server will run much smoother and most of the problems will disappear.

With the new server. All the problems that I can ever think of will be gone and the map will be able to be updated regularly. As well we will be able to use the current server as a backup server that will also be used for testing new mods. Which will mean fewer manual server restarts.

If I manage to get half of the money needed for a new server I will purchase it. For the new server as well the RAM seems to be the most expensive part, so if that goes on sale the computer will be cheaper.

We currently have eight players on the server and we are still growing, with new more advanced mods as well, like airplanes, and we desperately need a new server. If everybody is able to give between $10 and $20 I will buy the new server and life will be well for everyone. If not everyone is able to put money towards the server that is ok. The may change slightly depending on what is in stock.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Jim has taken the server.
Richard and Jim are now admins for the summer.
Complain to them now.

On my own leisure I plan to do these things to the sever
-- Live positions of players on the map
-- Airplanes

When the server goes down for a few days over the summer do not worry it should be back soon. As shown by Kevin it is also not hard to set up your own server for a few days... though you will not get move anything you work on into the new server.

- Your Vacationing Admin

Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick updates to Lighting And Teleportation

Lightning does not cause fires anymore.

The feathers have been disabled. The compass should have the same features as the feather did. Remember that the compass does not point north it points towards spawn

Zombie Pigmen
Zombie pigmen are created when a pig is hit with lightning, i may have accidentally hit a pig with a lightning storm. They should go away, eventually.

World Map
Thanks to Tor's help there is now a webserver that you can view a map of the world in. You can get to it by going to So now that there is a map running you should all be able to know where you are running. The map rendering program I am using (overviewer) is a very hi-res program but takes a long time to render the world. I will probably switch to a faster lower resolution version of the map or only have the map render once or twice a day (at noon and midnight).

Enjoy, and remember the the world will be getting the Cool Things Points soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bans and Griefers

The World Edit plug-in is up and running. I will be giving everyone access to it temporarily until I can fix some of the bugs.
This is a powerful plug-in and if ANYTHING goes wrong with it, the plug-in will be removed. If the plugin is used to destroy anyone's projects that player will be perma-banned, no questions.

People have been asking for a map. The answer is No. It will not happen soon. Why? The map is too big. You guys should have explored less and not used teleport as much. I will give you this map though, enjoy:
This will be your new map if people keep asking for it :)

I am also getting tired of people asking me how to do things, like "How do I make a sortal?"
Well here are all the commands you can use.

/i [item number / name] [quantity] [username] [damage]
###gives a player an item

### sets the time to day

/sortal warp [name] here
### create a sortal warp point here

/sortal delwarp [name]
### delete a sortal warp point

/tp [playername]
### teleports you to a player

### makes you mine very quickly but no drops

To create a Sortal Sign
|___Anything Here___| |___________________|
|______[sortal]_____| |______[sortal]_____|
|_____w:warpname____| |_____w:homebase____|
|___Anything here___| |___________________|
+-------------------+ +-------------------+

Right Click With a Stick (280) to remove bedrock
To find item codes go to

If you ask me about anything on this list again I will ban you for being annoying.

If you want to learn how to use the world edit abilities: Here
The one command you should know is //undo
Your Admin
- Asher

Monday, May 2, 2011

Server Uptime, and moderator updates

The server is back up and running with all its new features.

Mods (people with legit accounts) have some more abilities then the regular default user, deal with it. By following the rules and building "cool things" you will be givin "cool things points" which you can use to buy powers as shown below.
Any player that builds (or helps build) 5 'cool things' will get an immortality mode.
Any player that builds (or helps build) 10 'cool things' will get the super pickaxe
Any player that builds (or helps build) 15 'cool things' will get the ability to place and remove bedrock
Any player that builds (or helps build) 20 'cool things' will get the ThunderGod ability
Any player that builds (or helps build) 30 'cool things' will get Super User Commands
Any player that builds (or helps build) 50 'cool things' will get Admin Commands, Anything I can do in game.
When you make a 'cool thing' put your name(s) on a sign with the name of what you made

World Maps
Maps of the world are being rendered but the time that it takes for a map to be rendered is way to long so I am looking for different methods of map rendering. I also need to set up a webserver in order for the map to be able to be displayed to the users unless I make a downloadable version.

WorldEdit Plugin
The world edit plugin is coming to the server and will only be granted to players on request for a specific project that they will be undertaking, after the project is finished they will lose the powers.
You can find the PDF of how to use the world edit plugin here:

Lighting and weather
It apears that lightning and weather are still running on the server. They will probably stay for a while longer as I am starting to finish the base set of plugins for this server.

There seems to have been much less exploring recently which is good and allows the server to process other things. I am glad to see that the server is being taken care of by all the users. As a reward I will try to keep the server running over the summer so that you all can still play on it.

I hope to see cool things, like the underground obelisk, blimp, and fractal appear and I am looking forward to how the Dojo will turn out.

Lightning Fire

Due to a tragic problem involving lightning and a certain blimp structure. Weather will be removed from the game. Because people have done so much work on the game I am trying to not revert back to a previous day and instead copy an old part of the blimp to the new part. Furthermore, lightning is now removed from the game. along with most other weather.

If this cannot be fixed, I hope that we can all help rebuild the frame of the ship to make it better then it was before (and not only out of wool)

The server will be down until further notice

Your depressed Admin

DEOP is here

The massive deop has arrived, And just in time the server is completely reconfigured to fit your needs. More information will be coming soon but here is what you will need to know.

Things that still work
/tp jump
/tp tool (the feather tool)
all forms of use of the sortal gates

Things that do not work anymore (common things)
/time set
(all other op skills /list /kick /anything else)

"But admin! This sucks, I want to be able to spawn items and set it to day time" says the Cory the complainer
"You still can!" says Admingod
Instead of '/give' it is now '/i' the commands are a little bit backwards so you will have to get used to it, however you can now specify the [damage] section of your item, which means wool colors and stuff of the sort!

"Buuuuut hoow do I set it do daayyyyy tiiiiiime!!!" says Cory
"Shut the hell up cory!" says Admingoingtokillyourightnow
to set the time to day simply use '/day' with no other arguments and the time will change to day.

Last thing for now, there is a new feature for mods '/fastmining'. it does what it says. use this command to toggle it on or off, so you can destroy blocks in one hit.

Current Players - Rank
Iggystlev - Admins
Klingbolt - Mod
IbramGaunt00 - Mod
Kroden - Default
Pyroguy - Default
Wishinstar - Default

Have a nice day
- Asher

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Minecraft Server Blog

As the number of people on the server grows the amount of mods will too. Here will be the list of mods and updates to the system instead of getting emails about everything, there will be a nice simple area that you can look back at all the updates that have happened recently. There will probably be an update once a week. First I will start with, all the information for mod powers can usually be found inside the admin zone. If you are a offline player you will have less power then the online players. So to break down the Hierarchy on the server

Asher (Iggystlev) - Admin / Server
Richard (Klingbolt) - Lead Moderator
Jim (IbramGaunt00) - Moderator
The rest of you - Players
Any newcomers - No powers (will be whitelist banned eventually)

There has been a slight problem with generating the maps recently due to the large amount of render time paired with the size of the rendered file. The world size seems to have increases 900% in the last week to a size of 98Mb which brings the avrage render time to 30-45minutes and the rendered file size of 600Mb. I have also noticed that there are LARGE portions of the map that have just been jumped to and then nothing has been built, about 10% of the map has anything on it the other 90% is just trash. I hope to be able to change that soon. If this growth continues the jump feature will be disabled as a result. Soon I will have a download link for the 600Mb map because at this point in time it will not be hosted on a server :(.

There are no more mobs on the map and your hearts now regenerate. This is much better because your stuff will not get destroyed and you don't have to worry about being killed.

Mod Powers
Everyone will be losing their mod powers very soon. The /give feature will probably come back eventually with certain restrictions on it. Like No bedrock. I also hope to be able to spawn colored wool.

Git Version control
The world is now under git version control. What does this mean? It means that every day or so the entire world will be backed up and we can revert to any point in time if something gets massively destroyed