Friday, April 27, 2012

Server Downtime

It has been a long time since I last wrote one of these posts. The server will stay running until the end of finals, but then it will be taken down for a short time (hopefully no later then June 7th). However after the server comes back on it will most likely be off campus and not behind the campus firewall.
As we get closer to the downtime I will provide more information about the downtime

- Admin Asher

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Landing Page

There is a new landing page on just plain old that allows you to easily travel to either this blog or the world map. Getting rid of the "IT WORKS!" apache page. Thanks to Jerry (rattomago) for suggesting it.
- Asher

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Claimed Plot Visualisation Bug

There is currently a bug when viewing the overworld on the web-map where it may look like some of your claims are missing. I am not sure what is causing this bug however these missing claims are showing up in the nether. They are purely visual bugs as well. Ingame the claims are still intact and functioning.
I will work to try to figure out what is causing this bug quickly
- Asher

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quantum Phase Shift Rift

There seems to be a strange shift of quantum temporal space. As a result we may have some problems with the space time matrix resulting in problems establishing a stable connection to our world. Our top engineers are working to fix this but there may be some changes that you observe within our wonderful world around the time of 5pm tonight.
Good Luck
-Chief Iggystlev

(server is going to be deactivated for a few hours tonight for a merging of worlds throughout time)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quick Tutorial on how to use the Demetermine server

Hello all and welcome to another thrilling bunch of words that teaches you things

Claiming and expanding land

On Demetermine you can claim plots of land that no one else can build on. While no one else can build or destroy any block in this plot, they can use chests, doors, and activate restone devices you have placed. These plots are laid out on a grid and are 8 x 8 blocks from bedrock to sky. Every plot also has a name.

In order to create a new plot that you control just find a place that nobody has claimed yet and type:

/claim <name>

Where <name> is the name for you plot, names have to be unique and you cannot give a new plot the same name as a plot that all ready exists. When you claim a new plot four torches will be placed on the highest blocks on the corners of the plot.
A new plot costs $5000 from your in-game wallet

After you claim your first plot you can expand it into adjacent plots by walking into an unclaimed adjacent plot and using the command.


Just like the  /claim command, /expand will place four torches at the highest blocks on the corners of the plot.
An expanded plot costs $1000 from your in-game wallet.

If you don't want to type out /expand you can use the alias


When expanding sometimes you don't want torches to appear on the corners of your plot. In order to do this you can use the command.

Otherwise it functions the same as the /expand command. Just like expand, if you don't want to type out /dark-expand you can use the alias 


Money and Economy

Each player has an in game wallet, in order to see how much money you have you can type


You can get money by mining blocks, placing blocks, and selling block to the shop. Each block you sell to the shop has a static price that you can view by holding the block in your hand and typing


The Shop

The in game shop is where you can buy and sell blocks and items in the game. In order to go to the shop you type the command


Once you are done shopping type /shop again to teleport back to where you used to be

The shop is made up of different signs that do different things. The first sign is the sell sign, there are four of them located above each of the four arches. When you click this sign it will sell everything you have in your hand and give you the money for it.

 The other two signs are the shop and the shop-stack signs which let you buy a single item or a stack of items when you click on them.

Cities and Warping

When a an admin deems a large plot to be qualified as a city or dungeon that plot will get a warp point. In order to be able to warp to any warp point you first need to find the activator sign. When you click an activator sign it will say

Teleport for Cityname ACTIVATED

once you see that you can use the command

/warp <Cityname>

To warp to that city's warp point at any time. When you do warp you have to not move for 5 seconds while the warp animation plays. This prevents you from using warping to run away from mobs or escape other players that are trying to kill you.

Overworld Map

There is an overworld map that contains the claimed regions and locations of online players. In order to view it go to

It is run using the Bukkit plugin dynmap
the map renders whenever you place or destroy a block, the changes should be reflected in the map less then 5 minutes after you place or destroy a block.

Compass jumping

Compass jumping allows you to teleport to the top of a stack of blocks that you are looking at. In order to do it you need to be holding a compass in your hand and you need to have feathers in your inventory. Each time you jump a feather is used up. You can only teleport 200 blocks at a time, if you try to go farther the compass will not find a block to teleport to.

And I believe that is it. If there are any questions post them as comments so that everyone can see the answer to them. Happy crafting.

- Admin Asher

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Changes to the shop

There are now more items that you can buy at the shop.
There are also a second set of signs for buying a whole stack of a single item.
Not all the items displayed are available to be purchased because the shop plugin is not yet able to edit meta-values for the block when you buy them.
- Asher

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upgrades and Updates (Finally)

So here are the notable things to note:
Server is running 1.2.5
Warping Works (more below)
Billy's Plots have (almost) been fixed (missed one)
Shops now have a [shop-stack] sign that will buy you a whole stack of an item

How warping works:
only admins can create warps
You can only warp to places that you have clicked the activator sign for
Activator signs currently have [teleport] written on them but that will soon change
Type /warp <warpname> to warp
after 5 seconds you will warp
if you move before your 5 seconds is up you don't teleport and you cant teleport again until that 5 seconds is up, movement counts even if a mob hits you or you look around
/claim now costs 5000 instead of 1000, but /expand still costs 1000
Players should no longer be able to destroy blocks in the shop

Remember to report any and all bugs on the github issues list

- Admin Asher

Minecraft 1.2.5

Though the server is running 1.2.4 it still seems to work with 1.2.5 so go ahead and update. The server itself will be upgraded to 1.2.5 over the weekend (along with some other plugin updates)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Apologies with updates

The updates did not go out when scheduled, there were a few problems unrelated to the server that I had to take care of at home. The updates may go out later this week, but most likely they will happen this weekend.
- Asher