Monday, February 25, 2013

The world is too big

Our world file is about 1.3Gb, which is quite huge. Along with that there is the world map, which is significantly larger. Hopefully soon the server will have a new drive to use and will be given a new operating system (debian) with no other junk on it. While we figure out if the world being to large was  indeed the problem we will be disabling the dynamic map, as that is huge as well. However you should all rest easy knowing that all of your builds are safe and secure, backed up in multiple locations.
- Asher

As a side note, the player who is helping repair the server has requested that gunpowder be re added to the game, so if we can figure out a way to disable the destruction of all blocks in a claimed area we will be bringing back gunpowder, tnt, and creepers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Admin and Broken Drives

Due to the amount of work I have I have decided to step aside from the management of the server and focus only on the writing of the plugins. Lincoln Noggle will be taking over the management of the server, this is updating the bukkit version, fixing shop prices, and settings or plugin configurations, like dynmap. On a side note the server will be down for maintenance as we now have a new admin the server must actually be maintained correctly instead of horribly by myself. While taking it down to fix the configuration I noticed that the harddrive was having some difficulty and ultimately looks like it will fail soon, however it may just be software. The server should be back up by this weekend with new configuration settings and up to date minecraft versions. Thanks all of you who have been playing over the years. Hopefully the server will last a little longer.
- Admin Asher