Saturday, July 7, 2012

August 1st

August 1st is the planned release of Minecraft 1.3. When that happens villagers will be able to trade you items. This will most likely cause our world shop structure to change to one where villagers run all of the shops. Hopefully I will find a good way to let them sell things to you using our economy system and not the "emerald" system (it is not very good). At that time the physical layout of the shop will get a redesign and will also be added into the physical plugin instead of just part of it existing in the plugin.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Updating the plugins

After looking over the plugin code I am starting to find that there are a few features that are still not implemented in our minecraft world that should be. I also see that some of the code is very poorly written and needs to be fixed. I will be working on fixing these problems in the coming weeks, also preparing for the 1.3 release of minecraft. Hopefully we will see a quick turnaround for either a new bukkit client or a mod-enabled minecraft server. I recently got a new personal machine that I will be able to record video with, hopefully there will be some video tutorials coming soon on how to use all of the mods.
- Asher