Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bukkit 1.7.2 Dev build released

The dev build is out, however I will not be upgrading the server right away as a lot has changed in the build and there is quite a bit to test. We will continue to be on 1.6.4 for the time being. Somewhere down the line I might have a demo world for new Bukkit versions but that is not a very high priority on the list of things to do.
Happy Crafting!
- Admin Asher

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Near future of demeter

Hey Crafters,
This is a post about how donations will work in the near future. In the past you were able to donate money to the server and receive in game money as a result. I am now changing the rules so that you can no longer break blocks in the world unless you donate a dollar to the world. We will also be limiting the ability to craft certain items and mine specific blocks unless you donate every other month. These blocks include but are not limited to iron, gold, and diamond ores. Claiming land will also change, for every dollar you donate you will be allowed to claim up to two plots of land. If you donate $10 you will be given an unlimited amount of whatever block you want as well as the ability to fly. for $20 you can enter creative mode and fly around. If you donate $50 you will be able to teleport around the map as you see fit and ignore the limitations of other player's plots, allowing you to build and destroy block in them. For $100 you will get all the powers that the admin has, including the ability to ban other players and user world edit to mass create and remove blocks.
I truly do hope that this make the game a better experience for all of the player who join our loving server.
- Sir Admin Moneybags esq.

Ok, but for real.

Donations are stupid and I never liked them, the game should not be pay to win. Ever. It just makes the game not fun. But I really like the idea of having a fair way to sponsor the game if you want to catch up with friends or spontaneously build a mega structure that is not part of a scheduled group build. Donations are here to stay in the same form that they were in the past: You will get 1000 chips, in game money, per dollar per dollar up to 10 dollars. Yah that sounds a bit confusing so let me explain it a little more.
$1 = 1000 Chips (1000 chips per dollar)
$2 = 4000 Chips (2000 chips per dollar)
$3 = 9000 Chips (3000 chips per dollar)
$10 = 100000 Chips (10000 chips max per dollar)
$11 = 110000 Chips (10000 chips max per dollar)

However there will be one big key difference in how the donations work. Instead of going to me to fund the server, now that I am fully capable of funding it on my own:
all the donations will go directly to the EFF
Because honestly, they will do a hell of a lot more good with the money then I would plus they are my favorite nonprofit. You will see this change appear on the website as soon as I figure out the best way to streamline the donation process.

Happy crafting!
- Admin Asher (Iggystlev)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Aaaand Were Back

After a bit longer then expected the server is back online running 1.6.4. Remember that the new server address is


and the official web page is now at demetermine.com (which will be getting an update soon). As you know I try to have the server available for free, and I will try my best to keep it that way. However if you do feel like helping out the server some opportunities will arise for you to do that.

Happy Crafting
- Admin Asher

Monday, July 22, 2013

Minecraft Server Moving

Hey players, as I am in a long process of moving to a new state I will be taking down the minecraft server for a month or so. I am sorry that the server will be down, but it will come back online once I get settled into my new place. Once I bring it back online I will also work to update it to the newest version of minecraft, whatever that may be. Thanks everyone for playing so far and I hope to see you again online soon.

- Admin Asher

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New plugins on the server

Hello crafters!
There are new plugins on the server now! Huzzah. With the introduction of the new plugins your plots are now 100% safe. Item frames and paintings can no longer be destroyed by people who do not own the plot you are in. Feel free to display your accomplishments as much as you want! Furthermore TNT will no longer damage your plots. No longer shall you be afraid of TNT damaging anything you own. It will still damage you however. With the new addition of protection against TNT we have opted to bring creepres back into the game, fret naught my good citizens for creepers can no longer damage blocks, only you. A final note about TNT is that when it explodes outside of a plot it will drop none of the blocks it destroys, this is to help deter the use of TNT while still making it available for use.

Along with the TNT update we have also added a new feature called questing. This allows a single dungeon or event to be created in order for multiple players to gain the prize at the end. The plugin functions using command blocks and thus can only be created by an admin. So if you create a quest and want it to be available to the other players then ask an admin to add a quest to it!

In addition to the afforementioned updates there are also some minor updates to the look and feel of the functions providing new colors and aliases.

- Asher

Monday, March 25, 2013

Our New Website

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Demeter is getting a new website. On the top of the website I would like to put a banner representing Demeter. As a result I will be accepting submissions for the banner. Any player who uploads a reasonably looking banner will get 7000 chips, and any player that submits a banner that is used on the site will get 50000 chips. If you want to check out the beta version of the site (nothing more then a skeleton of a site currently) go to web.demetermine.com.

Happy Crafting
- Admin Asher

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Shop Prices

Hello Demeter,
After much work writing a program to calculate all of these prices for me it is finally done. Took the better part of a day it did but as a result we have relatively accurate prices for things! These new prices will hit the market when the server gets updated next. Every value of -1 that you see is an item that the shop will neither buy or sell at the moment. When multiple values are present they represent each of the damage values for the item. If you see a missing damage value or a price you think is incorrect and should be changed then let me know. Check out the source for the economy generator program here!
- Admin Asher

TORCH                        1 
COOKED_CHICKEN              55 
ENDER_PEARL                 50 
PUMPKIN_PIE                 22 
STONE_PICKAXE                5 
BOW                          9 
MOB_SPAWNER               9001 
CHEST                       16 
STONE_AXE                    5 
BRICK_STAIRS               312 
BED_BLOCK                   -1 
EGG                         10 
CAULDRON_ITEM              641 
SMOOTH_BRICK               204 
GOLD_SWORD                1101 
CARROT_STICK                 8 
SLIME_BALL                  10 
COAL                        25 
IRON_DOOR_BLOCK             -1 
LEATHER_BOOTS               16 
TRAP_DOOR                    6 
FIREBALL                   125 
BREWING_STAND              203 
WOOD_AXE                     8 
EMERALD_BLOCK            27000 
FLINT                       10 
IRON_PICKAXE               277 
DRAGON_EGG                9999 
POTATO                      -1 
LADDER                       2 
DIAMOND_AXE               3002 
LONG_GRASS                  -1 
CAKE_BLOCK                  -1 
WEB                          4 
PUMPKIN_SEEDS                2 
DOUBLE_STEP                 -1 
LAPIS_ORE                 1000 
INK_SACK                     3 
SIGN                         4 
FLINT_AND_STEEL            101 
GOLD_SPADE                 552 
SOUL_SAND                    5 
ARROW                       21 
GREEN_RECORD               200 
LEVER                        2 
PISTON_EXTENSION            -1 
WOOD_STAIRS                  3 
DIAMOND_HOE               2002 
JACK_O_LANTERN              11 
RAW_CHICKEN                  5 
SAPLING                      1 1 1 1 
SADDLE                    6000 
WOOD_DOOR                   12 
DIAMOND_BLOCK             9000 
THIN_GLASS                   0 
WATER                       -1 
HUGE_MUSHROOM_1             -1 
WATER_LILY                   2 
FLOWER_POT                 156 
BLAZE_POWDER               150 
STICK                        1 
BAKED_POTATO                60 
DETECTOR_RAIL              679 
SANDSTONE_STAIRS             6 
PORK                        10 
STONE_HOE                    4 
IRON_LEGGINGS              641 
STATIONARY_WATER            -1 
DIODE_BLOCK_OFF            238 
GHAST_TEAR                 200 
RED_MUSHROOM                10 
SANDSTONE                    4 
SNOW_BALL                    1 
IRON_FENCE                  34 
YELLOW_FLOWER                3 
RECORD_6                   200 
RECORD_7                   200 
RECORD_4                   200 
RECORD_5                   200 
COOKIE                      26 
RECORD_3                   200 
DISPENSER                   43 
EXP_BOTTLE                1000 
RAW_FISH                    20 
COBBLE_WALL                  1 
CARROT_ITEM                  1 
RECORD_9                   200 
IRON_HELMET                458 
WORKBENCH                    8 
ENDER_CHEST               1000 
MELON_SEEDS                  5 
LEAVES                      30 
DIAMOND_PICKAXE           3002 
HUGE_MUSHROOM_2             -1 
BED                         12 
FIRE                        -1 
BOOK                        10 
GOLD_LEGGINGS             3850 
BOOKSHELF                   42 
PAINTING                    10 
BOOK_AND_QUILL              23 
DIAMOND_ORE               1000 
MONSTER_EGGS                -1 
RAW_BEEF                     2 
FURNACE                      8 
WOODEN_DOOR                 -1 
IRON_ORE                    41 
EMERALD                   3000 
SUGAR_CANE_BLOCK            -1 
IRON_SPADE                  93 
FLOWER_POT_ITEM            156 
SUGAR                        2 
SEEDS                        1 
COMMAND                     -1 
GOLD_BLOCK                4950 
CLAY_BALL                    2 
BRICK                      208 
REDSTONE                    27 
WOOD_PICKAXE                 8 
SOIL                        -1 
GOLDEN_CARROT              498 
DIAMOND                   1000 
WHEAT                        3 
GOLD_RECORD                200 
WATER_BUCKET               295 
POWERED_RAIL               554 
REDSTONE_ORE               125 
IRON_CHESTPLATE            733 
PUMPKIN_STEM                -1 
RED_ROSE                     4 
COAL_ORE                    25 
GLASS                        1 
PISTON_BASE                129 
WOOD                         2 2 2 2 
REDSTONE_WIRE               -1 
EMPTY_MAP                  384 
BLAZE_ROD                  200 
DIAMOND_HELMET            5000 
BROWN_MUSHROOM               3 
DIAMOND_SWORD             2001 
SKULL                       -1 
NETHER_WARTS                 5 
DIODE                      238 
STONE                       51 
RAILS                       34 
SPONGE                      40 
DIODE_BLOCK_ON              -1 
POWERED_MINECART           466 
GRILLED_PORK                60 
WALL_SIGN                   -1 
GRASS                        1 
NETHER_BRICK                 5 
PUMPKIN                     10 
REDSTONE_LAMP_ON            -1 
APPLE                       10 
IRON_BLOCK                 824 
GOLD_INGOT                 550 
STONE_PLATE                102 
WOOD_SPADE                   4 
BUCKET                     275 
MILK_BUCKET                295 
EYE_OF_ENDER               200 
IRON_HOE                   185 
MELON_BLOCK                 18 
GOLDEN_APPLE               498 
ENDER_STONE                100 
SPECKLED_MELON              63 
LAPIS_BLOCK               1500 
OBSIDIAN                   100 
CAKE                        83 
DIAMOND_LEGGINGS          7000 
WOOD_HOE                     6 
BONE                         1 
POISONOUS_POTATO             1 
ITEM_FRAME                  12 
MINECART                   458 
CLAY                         8 
VINE                         2 
CAULDRON                    -1 
IRON_AXE                   277 
NETHERRACK                  10 
IRON_BOOTS                 366 
BIRCH_WOOD_STAIRS            3 
MELON                        2 
PORTAL                      -1 
CACTUS                      10 
LOCKED_CHEST                -1 
SIGN_POST                   -1 
GOLD_HOE                  1102 
NETHER_STAR               1000 
STONE_SWORD                  3 
GLOWSTONE                   20 
STATIONARY_LAVA             -1 
FENCE                        3 
ROTTEN_FLESH                 1 
LAVA_BUCKET                295 
STONE_BUTTON                51 
CLAY_BRICK                  52 
BOWL                         1 
STEP                        25 2 -1 0 104 102 2 
ANVIL                     2841 
FIREWORK_CHARGE             -1 
DEAD_BUSH                   -1 
CARROT                      10 
CHAINMAIL_BOOTS            366 
WOOD_PLATE                   4 
GOLD_CHESTPLATE           4400 
ENDER_PORTAL                -1 
MONSTER_EGG                 -1 
GOLD_BOOTS                2200 
BREAD                        9 
WOOD_BUTTON                  2 
WOOD_DOUBLE_STEP             1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 
CROPS                       -1 
LOG                          8 8 8 8 
TRIPWIRE_HOOK               47 
CHAINMAIL_HELMET           458 
WATCH                     2227 
SHEARS                     183 
MAGMA_CREAM                160 
GLASS_BOTTLE                 1 
SNOW                        -1 
BEACON                    1305 
POTION                     100 
BURNING_FURNACE             -1 
BEDROCK                     -1 
SMOOTH_STAIRS              306 
IRON_INGOT                  91 
NOTE_BLOCK                  43 
WRITTEN_BOOK                -1 
WOOD_STEP                    1 1 1 1 
GOLD_AXE                  1652 
COCOA                       20 
GOLD_PICKAXE              1652 
RECORD_10                  200 
RECORD_11                  200 
RECORD_12                  200 
WOOL            2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 
LEATHER_LEGGINGS            28 
DIRT                         1 
GOLD_NUGGET                 61 
BOAT                        10 
JUKEBOX                   1016 
TRIPWIRE                    -1 
COBBLESTONE                  1 
SAND                         1 
PAPER                        2 
FIREWORK                    -1 
RECORD_8                   200 
GLOWSTONE_DUST               5 
COMPASS                    368 
DIAMOND_SPADE             1002 
SULPHUR                    200 
GRAVEL                       1 
SNOW_BLOCK                   4 
TNT                       1004 
POTATO_ITEM                 10 
MYCEL                        1 
STRING                       2 
LEATHER                      4 
MELON_STEM                  -1 
COOKED_BEEF                 52 
ICE                         50 
REDSTONE_LAMP_OFF          131 
GOLD_HELMET               2750 
EMERALD_ORE               3000 
WOOD_SWORD                   5 
REDSTONE_TORCH_ON           28 
GOLD_ORE                   500 
FEATHER                     10 
DIAMOND_BOOTS             4000 
FISHING_ROD                  7 
MUSHROOM_SOUP               14 
SKULL_ITEM                  -1 
STORAGE_MINECART           474 
NETHER_STALK                10 
SPIDER_EYE                   1 
ENCHANTED_BOOK             100 
SUGAR_CANE                   2 
LEATHER_HELMET              20 
MAP                        384 
IRON_SWORD                 184 
LAVA                        -1 
IRON_DOOR                  550 
STONE_SPADE                  3 
NETHER_FENCE                 5 
COOKED_FISH                 70 
FENCE_GATE                   8 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Server URL

In order to make room for the future website we will be moving the server URL from demetermine.com to


As this is getting set up we will try to have both addresses working, with the server message stating to switch to the new URL. The reason for this is that there will be a website for Demeter soon and I do not want to host it on the same machine as the Minecraft server, if we do that then the Minecraft server will be slower because it also has to run a web server. But what are the benefits to this new website? No longer will you have to remember the map URL, just go to the map tab on the website. A complete up to date list of all the commands that can be run by the users will also be available. As well as a list of every item in the game and its current price in the shop.

While the website is being built and the new configuration is taking place I would recomend that you

Add both addresses as servers

That way you will always be able to connect to the server regardless of which address is active. After the website is complete it there will be three weeks before the new URL becomes the only URL and the website take over at demetermine.com.

- Admin Asher

P.S. We are currently testing the 1.5 bukkit dev builds to and hope to upgrade the server soon

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Rise of Feygrove

A long time ago in a place far far away
there was a land, and it was called The_Fey

The mayor, old Feygrove, had a great many jobs
But the most important was the vanquishing of mobs

A great many mobs indeed Feygrove had slain
The villagers lived happily under his reign

Until one day, the most frightful of nights
Did The_Fey find itself with no lights

The great server was down
and a bad feeling swept through the town

It was the the feeling of terror
for when the server came back, there was a chunk error

not one, not two, not three, but four
nothing this bad had ever happened before

The good god Iggy issued that day
That no more fear should be found in the land of The_Fey

Then with the stroke of some keys plus a wave of his hands
Feygrove found himself able to issue commands

He had a new power, but he was not a cheater 
Feygrove was happy, as the new god of Demeter

Feygrove has officially joined the ranks of the admins! He will be taking care of all of the server management and listening to what people have to say about the server. To give a few example on who to complain to for different problems.

My claimed plots are messed up
The price for <some item> is wrong or non-existent in the shop
The amount of money I have is incorrect
The world map is not rendering or having rendering problems
The server is out of date

I want a new feature added to the game
This feature that was added to the game is broken
The server is down
One of the in game commands does not work
The code for the plugins is bad / needs comments

We will also be releasing updates for the server plugins this weekend, including a fix for item frames not being protected in regions, and explosions being able to destroy blocks that are in regions.

Happy crafting everyone!
- Admin Iggy

Monday, March 4, 2013

Why is the map Low Quality

I have decided to not make the map high def for the time being. The reason behind it is that the old high def map was upwards of ten gigabytes of data (the world file itself was only 1.3Gb) and took three or more days to render. This new lower quality map is half the size of the world and can be generated in only a few hours. We are still working on a method to get high quality renders of individual plots if the user requests it. This is either going to cost in-game money or a small amount of real money to pay for the processing time. Most likely it will just cost in-game money.
Happy Crafting
- Asher

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Messed up regions

After looking at the game map i realized that many of the regions have disappeared, I do not know what caused this and the only thing I can say is that those who lost regions during the update should reclaim them. Unfortunately these are side effects of the hard drive crash. If any other bugs or problems are found leave a comment or post an issue on github.
- Asher

Saturday, March 2, 2013


We are back everybody! New server hardware, updated plugins, new admins, the works. Remember though, with new stuff comes less stability. With that in mind, if you see any bugs or problems be sure to report them so we can fix them as quickly as possible!
Happy Crafting!
- Asher

(also for those few of you who had corrupted chunks in your regions we will give you enough in game money to rebuild, sorry about that)

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Updated Server

The server has been updated and streamlined, however there were a significant number of errors that appeared when the old world and plugins were transferred over. So it may be a little while until the server is 100% online. After it is, all maintenance of the server will be transferred over to Lincoln and I will mainly focus on updating the plugins code to add new features and fix bugs. Ill keep you all posted on what is happening with the server as I figure it out.
- Asher

Monday, February 25, 2013

The world is too big

Our world file is about 1.3Gb, which is quite huge. Along with that there is the world map, which is significantly larger. Hopefully soon the server will have a new drive to use and will be given a new operating system (debian) with no other junk on it. While we figure out if the world being to large was  indeed the problem we will be disabling the dynamic map, as that is huge as well. However you should all rest easy knowing that all of your builds are safe and secure, backed up in multiple locations.
- Asher

As a side note, the player who is helping repair the server has requested that gunpowder be re added to the game, so if we can figure out a way to disable the destruction of all blocks in a claimed area we will be bringing back gunpowder, tnt, and creepers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Admin and Broken Drives

Due to the amount of work I have I have decided to step aside from the management of the server and focus only on the writing of the plugins. Lincoln Noggle will be taking over the management of the server, this is updating the bukkit version, fixing shop prices, and settings or plugin configurations, like dynmap. On a side note the server will be down for maintenance as we now have a new admin the server must actually be maintained correctly instead of horribly by myself. While taking it down to fix the configuration I noticed that the harddrive was having some difficulty and ultimately looks like it will fail soon, however it may just be software. The server should be back up by this weekend with new configuration settings and up to date minecraft versions. Thanks all of you who have been playing over the years. Hopefully the server will last a little longer.
- Admin Asher