Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gaaa More Downtime! Version 1.7

With the release of version 1.7 of minecraft there will be some downtime until bukkit gets a version that will support 1.7. There is a lot of tube clogging with all the updates trying that are trying to happen. If you want to keep playing on the server 'DO NOT UPDATE'. There are two options for the immediate future of the server.

1) The server will stay on a modded 1.6.6 until a new version of bukkit is supported
2) or the server will get updated to 1.7 using the regular server with no mods

I leave it up to you to decide, I'm going to go play with pistons.
- Admin Asher

Monday, June 27, 2011

Server Downtime

The server will be down until further notice while it' s hardware is being tested. It should not be down for too long. The forum and the map will also be down until further notice. Thanks.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you lost?

You can now view yourself on the world map! Whenever you login to the server an icon will appear on the map over you position with your face on it! Never get lost again. Check it Out

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fourm ranks

There are new ranks on the forums! Check it out. They are relative to the number of posts and not the number of cool things posts you have.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rendering the Map

The map will, from this point on, be rendered twice a day. Once at noon and once at 1 am. You will now be able to see all of your structures. Within about 12 hours of when you build them. Enjoy!
Your Admin

Thursday, June 23, 2011

POI on the map

After getting tired of not being able to see the difference between sortals and not sortals I decided to figure out how to create separate menus. After I figured that out I decided to create a method of marking all the "cool things" we build. There will be two ways of marking a POI. One is with a sortal to homebase. If you leave the top line blank then it will not appear as a POI.

|__Objectname Here__|
|___Anything here___|

The other is with a sign that does not function as a sortal. This is used if you want to include three lines of text in your POI or if your sortal back to homebase is on the outside of the POI and you want the marker to be on the inside.

|_Point of Interest_|
|__Objectname Here__|
|_____More Text_____|
|_____More Text_____|

If you want to still have your sortal to homebase contain the name of the poi but not show up as a poi then simply put a space on either side of the name and it will be ignored without obscuring the text on the sign.

|_ Objectname Here _|
|___Anything here___|

Monday, June 20, 2011

Server Downtime + Feedback + Backup

Tuesday (June 21) the server will be down from 10:00pm to 12:00am. This will be the transition over to the newly purchased hardware. You should all start to see a dramatic difference (this one also has fans).

I do love to hear feedback about the server, anything you want to change about the server or anything you very much like about the server. Feel free to post it as comments here or on the forum

If any of you would like to download a copy of the Minecraft world I will start making a link available to download weekly backups of the world (while the internal backups will be daily). These will be the entire map data and plugin data (sortals, permissions, etc.). The link will be available on the forum and will change each week to download the new world.

Your Admin

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Check who is playing

With the upgrade of the permissions system you can now:
- check to see who else is playing with you by typing /who and a list of players will appear
- not have any abilities in the nether
- Have less server reboots when giving or removing user permission with in-game reloads

Admin Asher

P.S. There will now be welcome messages whenever you log in. This will contain small updates about the server. The current minecraft budget is -$65.

Sucessfull Server Running

Since the indecent the server has been running smoothly. All the plug-ins (except for permissions) have been upgrade to their most recent version. This is because, even though the new version of permissions is much better then the last. I would like to integrate it with the web server before I upgrade. This way people can buy plug-ins right away without having to wait for an admin to change the permissions manually. A sample page will be going up shortly containing all the information about buying plug-ins.

One thing that you NEED to be sure of is that your Minecraft username and you Demeter Forum username are THE SAME. If they are not then you will be buying plug-ins for people who are not you.

The FAQ on the forum page will help any new players a-lot with how to use the basic commands. Please sign up on the forum soon because the after I get it working on the dev-server there will be a white-list on the minecraft world for anyone who has registered on the forum.

Your Admin

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We Broke it! YAY
At approximately 15 minutes ago the server hardware overheated!!!
There was no fan!
Rushing to repair it Tor, Gabe and I failed to make it in time.
The computer now has a temporary fan, take a look!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beta Server Up and running

The server is back online. However it is still not stable. I will be adding new plugins and removing old ones as well as upgrading plugins. If you would like to play on the server feel free. However if there is something wrong. Then please tell me about it. We are on new server hardware but not on the final server (which I finally got working an hour ago). I will post what changes I am making as comments to this post. If you find that something is broken please report it. Also due to one of the players deleting upward of four million blocks using world edit, world edit will now have a block cap.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Server Downtime

The server will be down until June 16th. It is being backed up and transfered over to the new server hardware. The blog and map will be down until the 15th. If you manage to connect to the server before the 16th please note that anything you do may be deleted as a result of the transfer process. During this process all the plug-ins will be updated. This may cause corruption of portals and may return all players to original spawn with no items. When the server is back Online a list of changes will be posted.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not so cool things are hot

I have recently stumbled into a lot of work ahead of me.
The server is running. The Forum is running.
FAQ on the forum is evolving.
Projects are starting to show up on the forum.
The new server is un-funded.
The current budget for the server is at -$80.
I hope that we can get the new server running
Until next time
Your Broke and Broken Admin, Asher

Cool things and not cool things

There is now a forum for our server, this is where you will upload you cool things pictures and descriptions. There is also a section for you to submit bugfixes and upgrade requests. It is all going to be very nice. There will also soon be a page that allows you to purchase new upgrades that will instantly be changed on the server. For this reason you need to sign up on the forum with the exact same username as your minecraft account. I am currently working on a validation system for white-listing the server via registered forum users. As a result of this we come to the no so cool things. With the combination of upgrading to 1.6.6 and adding new backend scripts 'offline' mode has been disabled. For most of you that should not be too bad, but for some of you I know that you wont be able to play any more unless you get a legitimate account. I apologizes for this. If you have any complaints click here to send me a personal grievance. You can get to the forum at

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Update For Teleportation

NOTE: This turned up to be a bad idea and has since been reverted, thanks!
The item for teleportation items. The compass no longer teleports you. With the new item of maps I decided that the better option would be to have maps teleport you around. So the new item is the map (358). Enjoy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stress of updates

Well guys, updating the systems software is proving to be very difficult. However, all of the the updates (including the permissions plug-in) will be better then ever. When it is all done you will be able to log into the web site and buy abilities using your cool things points, then it will instantly change on the server. I am expecting a lot of things to break while the updating happens. If you notice that something is not right just tell me what it is and I will get to it as fast as I can. Piece by piece the server will start coming together. After it does we will have a party.
- Admin

Following The Blog

Now that we are not all in relatively the same place, feel free to comment on the blog. Or even click the follow button. This will everybody keep up with what anyone else is doing. Richard, so far, is the only one who is following the blog (via rss). In other news, I have received all the parts for the new server except for the mother board. So in the time being I have configured the old server to run minecraft. I will be updating the plugins today to the server will probably be reset quite a few times. Other then that, enjoy.
- Asher

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Upgrades to 1.6

As a result of the rapid release update for Minecraft the server will now run a 1.6(.6) version server. Make sure that you all upgrade to this version of Minecraft so that you will be able to play on the server. Only a few more days until the new server is up and running so hang tight everybody.
- Admin

Friday, June 3, 2011

Final New Server Hardware

The new server hardware has been ordered. It consists of a 3.1 GHz dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM. This will allow for the server to be run very smoothly and without hiccups. I will try to get the server up and running as soon as possible. The sooner people feel like donating money the faster and harder I will work on this issue. Thanks for playing on the server. Keep checking back for updates. I hope this break from the server has not effected you mental psyche too much.

- Admin Asher