Monday, August 4, 2014

Virtualized! (and DNS updates)

Well, a slight critical hard drive failure has sufficiently motivated me to finish my visualization project. ta-da: demeter is now running on a virtualized machine allowing it to be much more dynamic and robust. Unfortunately due to a bug in the version of the server we were running all the changes made in the last few months to homebase (or any constantly loaded chunk) were not saved. I will be working to re create these changes as well as take a page out of jdkomo's book and have the server reboot each night to allow for all the chunks to be saved and backed up. I have also removed the teamspeak server from demeter and it is now running on a new server called Hermes, all of the old DNS records have been updated to point to the new server location as well.

Lastly can now be used as the server location once more (as well as The website can also still be found at via a web browser

Happy Crafting!
- Admin Iggy

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